If you are an energetic, beautiful girl with skilled hands, able to adapt quickly to a new profession, then we will be waiting for you on our team, and we are ready to offer you work conditions that will be difficult to refuse!

  • Girls’ requirements: The majority (in age);
  • The ability to massage is welcome, if you don’t have any experience, we will of course teach you;
  • The knowledge of languages is not required.;

About the vacancy

The work as a masseuse without a certain level of experience and medical education would have no effect on payment. We invite attractive 18+ girls with experience in erotic massages in France. If you don’t have any experience, don’t get upset, because we can teach you everything you need to know, even online!

Work is strictly without intimacy!

All of our guarantees are aimed at your convenience:

  • anonymity;
  • security;
  • support 24/7;
  • appropriate clients;
  • high salaries;
  • customers pay you directly by hand;
  • ability to work in multiple agencies at the same time.

Apply for a job

We inform the ladies that all the information which you send us will be confidential and will not be posted anywhere!

Do you own a private location to provide in-call massages?

  • Required photos:
  • Selfie
  • Full height in underwear
  • Professional photos (if you have them)