Body To Body Massage in Paris

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Body To Body Massage in Paris
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A body-to-body technique is arguably the most widely used kind of gentle erotic massage. The internet is rich in similar offers, but only SweetPassion welcomes you with professional masseuses who know the art of full body massage in perfection, even better than Thai charmers. What will be the result of the body-to-body procedure in Paris? You’ll get an incredible erotic explosion of pleasant sensations and sexual ecstasy.

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What Is a Body-to-Body Massage in Paris?

Body-to-body massage is a unique man’s arousal technique that requires special skills and abilities. It works well when you watch your masseuse undress and slowly begin to move. The girl with a perfect figure gracefully slides her naked body over the client’s body, giving relief and supreme pleasure. Her careful touches and strokes cause excitement that overwhelms all other feelings. Men consider body-to-body erotic massage a means superior to sex in many ways.

Erotic relaxation, heavy petting, and games with our hot masseuse are taking place according to a non-standard scenario — you’ll spend the best and most unforgettable time in Paris with SweetPassion.

Where Did Body-to-Body Massage Come From?

Full-body massages have existed since time immemorial, like other manual techniques. Even at the dawn of creation, people learned that a man’s organism cannot function normally without an influx of female energy. And this energy could only be obtained from a woman who closely touches a man with her body.

One of the oldest Thai massaging techniques worldwide is body-to-body. More than 2,500 years have passed since the beginning of recorded history. During this time, full-body Thai massages have become popular enough for people to travel far outside their native country and are now offered in Paris. This is not just manual therapy; it’s also an age-old philosophy that distils generations’ knowledge. Finding truly professional body-to-body massage outside of modern-day Siam is a difficult task. SweetPassion studio in Paris employs talented individuals who have mastered the traditional method of this excellent body-to-body therapy.

Body-to-Body Massage Technique

Massaging the neck, head, shoulders, back, and legs is the first step in the body-to-body treatment  —  these are the tense areas in men. Switching up the movements and applying different amounts of pressure to other body parts is crucial. Firm, confident movements are necessary when massaging the back and legs; however, the head and neck should be worked gently and carefully so as not to sprain the delicate ligaments.

One of the fundamental guidelines for body-to-body sessions is that the masseuse should focus on the entire body and try to maintain tactile contact with the client by giving him strokes and caresses during the session as a whole.

The core of the body-to-body program is the erotic massage, which is done in the nude. This comes after the prep phase. All body parts are involved in the work, from the ends of the hair to the soles of the feet. The most piquant elements are touching the breasts and massaging the buttocks; these details of the massage are usually saved for last since, in most cases, they are followed by an orgasmic end.

Body To Body Massage in Paris

What Are the Benefits of Full Body-To-Body Massage in Paris?

The body-to-body session brings tremendous health benefits when it removes the tiredness of your tense body and the effects of stress. It helps in the following cases:

  • Boost your feelings and accumulate super-powerful potential.
  • Remove tension.
  • Find new incredible sensations.
  • Rejuvenate the whole organism.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Causes a feeling of euphoria.
  • Rejuvenates.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Brings positive emotions.
  • Increases self-esteem.
  • Brings to the surface the deepest, hidden internal conflicts.
  • Leads to multiple orgasms.

The girls in our Paris agency know the secrets of body-to-body massage, effectively coping with delivering the maximum amount of positive emotions. Pleasant freshness at the end of the procedure gives great pleasure.

Body-to-body massage with us is equivalent to the original massage technique in Thai spas. Dimmed lights and a soft, pleasant atmosphere will help you relax after a hard day and immerse yourself in romantic feelings and experiences.

Why Use Oil for Body-to-Body Massage?

As you might have guessed from the name, the body-to-body session is sliding the masseuse’s body over her client. And she needs a large amount of oil for smooth sliding. The oil should be light, aromatic, and pleasant. There are several essential points to consider when choosing a massage oil.

First, our girls are guided by its effect on the skin:

  • Almond oil is suitable for all types of manual procedures. It is also effective in anti-cellulite practice and has a warming effect.
  • Shea butter (shea) is well suited for mature skin, has an anti-cellulite effect, and is effective in the fight against stretch marks. Has a protective and warming effect. The concentration of this oil in the finished mixture should be at most 10%.
  • Coconut oil moisturises dry and cracked skin well and protects it from harmful environmental influences. The oil has no odour and is hypoallergenic.
  • Apricot oil has a tonic effect and a pleasant aroma.
  • Olive oils are considered universal. They do not cause allergies, are odourless and do not clog pores.

Active Oils and Mixtures

Just a few drops of essential oil in combination with base oils can set the “mood” for the entire procedure and significantly affect the condition during and after it. We remind you that when choosing essential oils, you should always conduct an allergy test for your client or choose a neutral option.

It must be suitable for contact with the genitals and not the first bottle that fell under your arm. The fact is that during the body-to-body procedure, you will be in tight contact with the man. Regular oils can cause allergies or irritation in intimate areas. Oil for b2b massage should be warm. If it is cold, it may cause discomfort.

Who Needs Body-to-Body Massage the Most?

The body-to-body session allows the client maximum pleasure and relaxation, benefiting the organism. Human muscles need additional nutrition, which can be obtained by increasing blood circulation. This is where body-to-body massage in Paris comes to the rescue.

Manual body-to-body techniques help balance lymph flow and improve blood circulation. This allows for feeling lighter and more comfortable after the session, not to mention the aesthetic pleasure that a man receives while stroking the masseuse’s naked body sliding over him.

How to Perform a Classic Body-to-Body Massage in SweetPassion, Paris

Body-to-body massage in Paris does not have one precise technique, so our girls experiment to maximise the client’s pleasure. This way, they choose movements to improve their partner’s physical and mental state.

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform body-to-body massage:

  • During the procedure, the masseuse slides over her client, gently touching him everywhere. Just imagine how she lowers her chest onto her partner’s back, then rises to his shoulder and smoothly slides down to the knees.
  • The girl kneads the client’s skin with careful but strong strokes.
  • She works on his chest, hips, stomach, face — all parts should be involved.
  • Further, our hot masseuse focuses on the client’s mood and feelings and listens to his desires, bringing the body-to-body procedure to a happy ending.

Who Should Refrain from Booking Body-to-Body Massage in Paris?

Like any other healing session, body-to-body massage is not suitable for everyone. Several contraindications will not only prevent you from enjoying the process but can also lead to severe problems. Contraindications for body-to-body massage will be identical to contraindications for classical techniques.

The main contraindications for body-to-body sessions are the following:

  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Injuries, wounds.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

In addition, the body-to-body session is contraindicated for people with allergies to massage oils or any components. Therefore, when choosing a product for the procedure, you should carefully study its composition.

How to Book Body-to-Body Session in Paris

Men come for erotic massages to relax. They like to be the only ones desired. They are not afraid to talk to our girls about their fantasies and problems because they are sure that no one will know about them. Do not forget that the procedure is recommended for both men and women. Of course, there is a difference between male and female perceptions, but our skilled girls will find the right approach for any client.

Ordering a body-to-body service is very simple. Just use the online chat on the website or phone numbers in Paris. Let us remind you that SweetPassion offers an incall and outcall massage service to your or a masseuse’s apartment. Call for a sensual procedure — don’t be shy; everything is confidential.

How to Choose a Masseuse for a Body-to-Body Session in Paris

One of the features of SweetPassion’s body-to-body session in Paris that distinguishes it from other types of manual practices is that the visitor must sympathise with the masseuse. Well, of course, the girl should have compassion for the visitor. Therefore, choosing a massage performer is not such an unimportant matter.

Men usually choose a girl for body-to-body procedures with their eyes. Lush, high breasts inspire many men. Some like girls with sculpted figures. Others are crazy about long hair, dark, elastic skin, etc. A man, as you know, loves with his eyes. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of girls for body-to-body sessions. Go to the catalogue and choose the masseuse of your dreams.

After 1 am we charge extra 100 euros for an outcall massage.

For different currencies, we charge a 15% additional cost.

The taxi fee to CDG Airpot is 130 euros.

Orgasm is a feeling of happiness, interweaving pleasant emotions and experiences. Everyone wants to experience them in real life. Usually, even in the most piquant moments, some extraneous thoughts are spinning in your head. But suppose you decide to have a body-to-body session near me under the influence of a professional masseuse. In that case, you will forget all the bad things and plunge into the mysterious world of pleasure, where there is no place for problems and worries.

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