Yoni Massage in Paris

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Yoni Massage in Paris
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Yoni massage is a kind of sexual healing practice for women. Tantra practitioners first promoted yoni as a way to get rid of psychological trauma and get more pleasure from sex. Unlike the usual stimulation of the vulva, yoni masseuse works with faithful women’s emotions. Call SweetPassion now if you want to order a Yoni massage in Paris!

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What Is a Yoni Massage and Who Needs It?

Yoni means sacred space in Sanskrit. Every woman has fantastic energy, but not everyone can find this energy and benefit from it effectively. The Yoni massage aims to awaken a woman’s vital energy flow by relaxing her and taking pleasure from the therapy effect.

Yoni massage plays an essential role in a woman’s life. It allows ladies to reveal sensuality and fills them with energy and positive emotions. First of all, the girl improves her physical and spiritual indicators. After the first Yoni sessions, she will gain strength and become familiar with the feeling of flight. All worldly problems will fade into the background, and a long-awaited smile will appear on the woman’s face.

Short History of Yoni Massage

The yoni massage technique is part of tantra practices. In some ways, this type of procedure is considered a meditation aimed at complete relaxation of mind and body and going beyond the accurate perception of the world. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the yoni plays an important role. The reason is simple: the sages are confident that the female womb can store information. If, in a girl’s life, there were sexual acts that were accompanied by rudeness, pain, and insensibility (frigidity), then all the negative experiences will be stored inside the vagina. Such information hurts a woman’s sex life, mood and well-being. You can clear the womb of negative energy using a yoni massage and activate the Muladhara, the seventh chakra.

Now, this ancient tantra practice is available in Paris!

Features of Yoni Massage in Paris

Yoni massage is an intimate stimulation for a woman when the masseuse creates an atmosphere of maximum relaxation. Our careful masseuse introduces the client to intense excitement and great pleasure with gentle movements.

During the process of internal massage, masseuses carefully take into account the individual psychological reactions of the woman working with the vagina walls where the clamps and erogenous zones are situated. Yoni massage is believed to help relieve body spasms, eliminate numbness, reduce pain during sex, and become more aware of what stimulation brings pleasure.

What Effects Can You Expect from Yoni Massage in Paris?

This tantra technique is aimed to improve a woman’s orgasmicity. She will be able to relax during intercourse and get maximum pleasure from the process. What effect will you get after taking Yoni practice regularly?

  • Experience new emotions. If you need more tactility, want to relax and feel cared for, book the procedure in Paris! Perhaps you are not satisfied with the quality of your intimate life: monotony or lack of sexual attraction to your partner, rare orgasms or their complete absence. Yoni will help.
  • Understand your body. Help yourself eliminate the feeling of imperfection and feel like a real woman.
  • Get rid of complexes by revealing your sexual energy — numerous complexes associated with intimate life will disappear.
  • Forget about psychological difficulties in relationships with men: fear of intimacy, unsuccessful previous relationship experiences, and lack of attention from a partner.
  • You will learn to relax.
  • Your body will thank you because regular Yoni practice will improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

We receive only positive feedback about the Yoni session from our clients. Girls who tried this tantra practice realised that they had never understood their sexual potential in their entire lives. The ancient massage technique allowed women to enjoy pleasure on an equal basis with men, and their orgasms became brighter and longer lasting.

Yoni Massage in Paris

How Can a Client Prepare for a Yoni Massage Procedure?

Being open to new experiences is vital because yoni is a spiritual practice that incorporates the mind and body.

Prepare Your Mind

Yoni massage is unusual for those who have never participated in tantra activities. You must approach the practice with an open mind and heart. Give up any preconceived notions or opinions about what you might come across.

As a warm-up, spend a few minutes practising breathing exercises. Breathe in and out slowly, deeply, and audibly. Breathe through your abdomen. Breathe in this manner the entire time you are practising.

Prepare Your Body

The masseuse will assist you with the following when you’re prepared to begin Yoni therapy in Paris:

  • Hold down a cushion against your head and another against your back.
  • Bend your knees and put your feet comfortably on the floor.
  • Gently spread your legs apart so that your vagina is visible.
  • With sultry strokes, our masseuse will start to warm up your body. It’s time to unwind and put your trust in a master’s deft hands.

How Does the Procedure of Yoni Massage in Paris Go?

The session begins with a shower to achieve the first degree of relaxation.

  • Create a comfortable and welcoming indoor environment with aromatic candles and quiet, relaxing music.
  • Dim light.
  • Aroma lamps and incense sticks.
  • The procedure starts with a tantra session for women. A light back, feet, breast, and abdomen massage is performed. Gradually, it is necessary to move on to massaging the erogenous zones. True femininity is always a relaxation, a lack of tension, when everything happens as if by itself. Gentle therapy aims precisely at relaxation, revealing a genuinely feminine ability to accept the intimate procedure.
  • Working with a woman’s intimate organs. During the procedure, the masseuse works on every area of ​​the genital organs: labia, vagina, clitoris. First, an external massage of the genitals is performed, and then, with your consent, an internal work on the vagina.

Yoni Massage and Orgasm

A yoni massage may be very invigorating. The abdomen and chest are among the sensitive areas that are the focus of the procedure. Orgasm is possible, but it’s not the primary objective.

If the process ends with a climax, this is normal. Very often, during tantra practices, women experience multiple orgasms. But this does not mean that practice must necessarily cause them. For many, Yoni practice is more emotional than sexual.

What Do Women Experience During a Yoni Massage in Paris?

During a session, clients can experience a very diverse range of feelings and emotions. They can laugh, cry, experience an orgasm, squirt, and even remember their old psychological traumas and blocks. Each session differs from the others because all women have different life experiences.

What Are the Contraindications to Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage potential risks and contraindications must be considered to ensure a safe and healthy experience for a woman. The procedure itself is health-improving and involves carefully handling the client’s body. At the same time, our masseuses strictly follow safety rules and warn about cases when the therapy is not recommended.

The session is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Women with inflammatory diseases in the pelvic area.
  • Pregnant women (especially in the early stages).
  • After recently undergoing operations in the pelvic area.
  • If there are infections or skin diseases in the massage area.

Who Can Perform Yoni Massage in Paris?

Both women and men can perform Yoni healing. But in the classic version, this technique is performed by a woman for a woman since only a lady can 100% feel another woman. It is essential not just to bring the girl to orgasm technically but to pay attention to her emotions and experiences that may emerge during the procedure.

How Do You Choose a Masseuse to Make You Feel Comfortable During the Procedure?

Each guest appreciates completely different qualities in girls. For some, a bright appearance comes first. Others are more interested in the ability to carry on a conversation and, for others, supreme mastery in erotic practices. We are sure that among our girls, one will suit your taste. Remember to look through our girls’ profiles on the website.

Of course, special attention should be paid to mastery of various massage techniques. All our girls are trained and have the appropriate certificates. Of course, appearance is essential. A well-groomed girl will not leave a true connoisseur of female beauty indifferent.

I Want to Book a Massage. How to Overcome Shy?

Your embossing is relatively standard. Not everyone is still ready to accept that modern women need this help. How do you deal with embarrassment? Everything is simple. It’s worth a try, and then decide whether you need it.

It would help if you remembered that before the session, our masseuse will meet you, take you to the shower, and answer all your questions about the essence of the procedure. If you want, tell her about your fears and doubts, and the masseuse will offer you the manual program that will be comfortable for you.

How Do You Book a Yoni Massage at SweetPassion, Paris?

SweetPassion invites you to the best Yoni therapy in Paris!

Our Yoni session will make you more feminine, sensual, passionate, energetic and liberated. Your womb will be filled with positive information, and all unsuccessful connections will be released. Complexes and psychological barriers will disappear, and you will experience all the beauty of an intimate relationship. The ancient practice is too excellent not to try at least once in your life.

Book an incall or outcall Yoni erotic massage at SweetPassion, Paris and experience the physical satisfactions of love and all the sexual wonders you have yet to discover. To book a Yoni session in Paris near me, choose a masseuse from the catalogue and order her visit to your or her address for a specific time.

Taking Care of Our Dear Clients

When ordering any procedure from us, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your visit. The fact of contacting SweetPassion girls is strictly confidential. The company’s internal regulations prohibit our masseuses from disclosing information about our clients.

The main principles of our studio are:

  • Safety.
  • Privacy.
  • Satisfied customers.

After 1 am, we charge an extra 100 euros for an outcall Yoni healing session in Paris.

For different currencies, we charge 15% extra cost.

The taxi fee to CDG Airpot in Paris is 130 euros.

In our turbulent times, tantric practices are an excellent way to relieve stress, increase the global tone of the organism, and streamline energy flows. They make erotic sensations much brighter and bring variety to your sexual life, which means they have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Try it now!