Nuru Massage in Paris

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Nuru Massage in Paris
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Nuru massage was used as a medical practice many centuries ago. The purpose of the erotic session was to relieve the client’s physical and nervous tension, improve blood flow to the organs, and increase limb mobility. You now have the exceptional chance to experience a SweetPassion Nuru massage in Paris. For optimal enjoyment, schedule an incall or outcall procedure.

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What is Classic Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese sensual massage technique that is a unique fusion of pleasure and usefulness. The main goal of a Nuru session is complete physical and emotional relaxation. Do not think that this exotic procedure is the same as similar ones. The main difference is the use of Nuru gel, a unique invention of humanity used in exotic manual techniques. This plant-based substance helps increase sensations, which is not a myth. The program’s culmination should be complete relaxation of the body and cleansing the mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and thoughts.

A nude girl uses her entire body during this sensual massage, including her nipples, hips, breasts, and tummy. Taking a shower with the girl before the procedure is a must. Hot water helps release tension to prepare the body for the session.

What Role Do Female Caresses Play in the Massage Procedure?

What best helps you forget your problems and restore your strength and energy? Hot female caresses help! The girl gives the most fantastic pleasure as she slides over the client’s body, lightly sucking and biting with her lips and tongue.

These gentle touches eventually formed into a whole science of relaxation, which, in turn, broke into many manual practices. Nuru therapy is one of the most pleasant and refreshing methods for a person’s strength and energy. This is the path to complete harmony in all areas of men’s health. This procedure will allow you to feel the full power of male nature, gain self-confidence and strengthen your position in the sexual sphere.

Want more? Then, allow yourself to caress the girl while receiving relaxation pleasure, and immerse yourself in role-playing games or foot fetish with her — mutual touches will enhance your sensations and help you feel strength and vigour until your next visit.

Nuru Massage in Paris

Nuru Gel and Its Function

Of course, Nuru massage is impossible without a special hypoallergenic oily gel that can multiply the sensations. The main ingredient is an extract of Nori — red deep-sea algae. The marine component contains a massive amount of vital vitamins and microelements. Iodine, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, and B are just some of the beneficial substances that are present in the massage gel.

The gel has no contraindications and is suitable for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in bright moments of tactile feelings. Massage with the gel gives complete liberation and unforgettable experiences that relieve fatigue.

Here are some benefits of using Nuru gel instead of regular lubricant oil:

  • Has no taste or smell.
  • Has no contraindications.
  • Ensures easy gliding.
  • Promotes pleasant sensations.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the skin, healing and rejuvenating it.

Which Gel to Choose for Nuru Massage?

With the growing popularity of Nuru massage in Paris and around the world, products for relaxing sessions are being produced by many cosmetic companies. Various plant extracts are added to neutral algae — essential oils of grapefruit, mint, tea tree, and aloe vera to enhance the effect. Depending on the type of additional components, massage can have different effects. For example, Nuru gel with stimulating substances is widely used in Paris to achieve a bright climax. For complete relaxation and stress relief, a masseuse can use a product with a soothing effect and a soft, pleasant aroma.

But when it comes to the classic Nuru technique in Paris, there is no better alternative to the original massage sea tincture. The unique texture ensures a high level of body sliding by creating a soft gel cover. At the same time, the gel has a highly positive effect on the skin, does not irritate, and does not distract from studying one’s body with its smell.

Secrets of Applying Nuru Gel

Once visual contact between a hot masseuse and a client is established, the massage session moves to the most exciting part — applying the gel to the skin. Watching how the masseuse distributes the substance over the body with gentle touches becomes a true pleasure. The process is comparable to traditional sexual foreplay. Then, the client gets involved in the process. The masseuse sits on the client’s buttocks or back and lightly distributes the substance over the back, arms, buttocks, thighs and feet. The Nuru massage enters its active phase.

The gel, evenly distributed over the body, allows complete physical contact. The girl lies on the client’s back and performs smooth, progressive movements from top to bottom. Particular attention in Nuru massage is paid to sensitive areas — the lower back, armpits, the area between the buttocks, and the inner thighs.

At this massage stage, the client reaches the highest peak of arousal. Therefore, the masseuse will do everything possible to maintain the condition but delay the procedure climax.

What Are the Expected Effects of Nuru Massage in Paris?

Japanese Nuru massage sessions are comparable to sensual dates when a man and a woman are immersed in the pleasure of complete physical contact. It’s like stimulating the erogenous zones with several hands. But behind the pronounced sexual context, there are other, no less pleasant effects. Regular Nuru sessions remove toxins, relieve stress, teach you to love your body and recognise the most insignificant desires of your partner. In addition, Nuru massage gel perfectly moisturises the skin, stimulates blood flow, and starts regeneration processes.

Here are more benefits of taking Nuru massage in Paris:

  • Nuru massage offers more than just intense physical pleasure. This is a spiritual journey in which partners learn to hear each other on a mental level.
  • Japanese Nuru massage has a positive effect on all areas of life. More than 85% of people who have tried the unique Nuru technique in Paris note increased self-esteem due to improved appearance. Moisturised skin glows with health, and the body tightens and becomes flexible and elastic.
  • A considerable advantage of Nuru massage in Paris is the effective relief of prolonged stress. Nuru energises and causes a lasting feeling of joy and happiness. Look at work or family problems from the outside and find effective ways to solve them.
  • Sensual Nuru massage is ideal for relaxing painful or injured muscles. A gentle and completely safe effect on the outer layers of the skin gives a long-term impact on a deeper level due to the ability to induce a feeling of euphoria.
  • After a Nuru session in Paris, a person feels relaxed and confident. In this state, it is easy to find a common language with colleagues and family members, solve everyday problems and enjoy life in every moment.

Benefits of Nuru Massage in SweetPassion Paris

You slowly choose a girl or even several girls who will become your guide on the path to discovering sensuality and simply surrender yourself to the new sensations. Here is what you get, having decided on the procedure:

SweetPassion skilful girls will show you a new usage of erotic massage with the help of Nuru gel and their attractive bodies.

We use high-quality gel, which has no contraindications for use. It does not cause allergic reactions and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

You’ll get a new experience of how to get rid of stress with the help of massage and feel an unusual surge of strength and vitality in the whole body.

Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and 100 confidentiality, the client can fully experience the inexpressible sensations of a vivid and intensely experienced intimacy without intimacy with our fantastic masseuses.

Unusual pleasure will bring a new taste and diversify your sex life.

Why Should You Choose SweetPassion Girls for Nuru Massage in Paris?

Endless caresses, touches, and an erotic atmosphere is waiting for you! All this leads to the desire to experience something more attractive and robust than just a massage. And the Sweet Passion girls will help you with a new sensual experience. During Nuru massage, with the help of mutual caresses, the girl will bring you maximum pleasure and unforgettable emotions you will never forget.

Nuru massage in Paris is performed by young girls who know very well which erogenous points need to be influenced to achieve pleasure. Each masseuse has the appropriate education and is distinguished by a beautiful appearance, smooth skin, and an attractive figure. Professionalism and aesthetics are important to us. And these two criteria are combined in every girl.

Is this Exotic Massage Good for Ladies?

Women shouldn’t stay away, either. Our sensual sessions will help ladies discover new facets of their sensuality. And a better understanding of your body and sexuality will allow you to find the key to masculine nature in the future.

Just close your eyes and feel the procedure with every cell of your body. Our masseuses will do everything so that you can relax as much as possible and throw the usual routine away. The dim light of candles, pleasant music, the aroma of secret desires and the beauty of a hot masseuse in an erotic outfit – take it with pleasure!

How to Order Incall and Outcall Nuru Massage in Paris Near Me

Ordering any sensual massage in Paris is very simple — select the girl you like in the catalogue and collect any session from the list of services in Paris. The girl will come to you for a massage session at the appointed time or will wait for you at her place.

After 1 am, we charge an extra 100 euros for an outcall massage.

For different currencies, we charge a 15% extra cost.

The taxi fee to CDG Airpot is 130 euros.

Do you want to get an unforgettable massage in Paris? Why wait? Give yourself the pleasure and book a massage in SweetPassion Paris to get deep erotic relaxation, presented by Japanese traditions. Refresh your relaxation experience with our sexy girls and their unforgettable massage!